Choptober 2011 is all about raising cash for our earthquake-affected cousins in Christchurch. Those tough Cantabrians have had it pretty rough over the last year and we want to help them out as much as we possibly can. New Zealanders are world famous for their loyalty and goodwill, so supporting the residents of our world-famous garden city during these turbulent times is nothing we can't handle. After all, it's what mates are for, right?

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The Christchurch relief effort wouldn't be a shade as strong as it is without all those dedicated charities putting in the hours to make a difference. Now it's time for you, the good people of Aotearoa, to give something back to these charities so that they can continue their fantastic work throughout the Canterbury region. Help support The Salvation Army, the Christchurch City Mission and Cholmondeley by championing the chops this October.


Become a Chop Grower

We at The Choptober Foundation have a dream. That dream is to get every Kiwi to grow epicly massive Chops or to be sponsoring someone who is growing said epic Chops. There are no excuses for the ladies either. Get into the Choptober spirit by using our patented stick-on 'Chop-Sticks' and you'll be able to give the fellas a run for their money.

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Celebrity Chop Growers

Kurt Shanks

After a decade with stellar*, singer-songwriter Kurt Shanks goes it alone, with debut album set for release in spring 2011.
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Make a Donation

What are you waiting for? Empty out your piggy banks, search for the elusive cash from behind the couch cushions and empty the manky coins from your car ashtray. Get behind our 'Choptob-hes' and 'Choptob-hers' this year and donate a dollar or two! Every dollar you donate will help make a difference to the lives of the people in Christrchurch.

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